About the Network


About the Network:

Syria Relief Network is an umbrella of Syrian humanitarian NGOs working inside Syria and neighbourhood countries to provide relief to Syrians in desperate need of assistance.

Established by a number of Syrian non-partisan non-profit NGOs, SRN activities cover all Syrian territories and all regions where Syrian refugees have relocated.

SRN exists to serve and facilitate the work of the Syrian NGOs in order to efficiently and effectively address the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people.

SRN’s plans on building credibility and recognition  among the international and national humanitarian organizations to be able to reach out to international community and advocate for humanitarian delivery challenges and serve as a hub for cooperation and collaboration between these organizations.

SRN aims on playing a vital role in representing the interests of member organizations to the internationals humanitarian community and also highlighting their work and achievement.

One of SRNs main goals is to conduct training workshops and provide guidance to member organizations in order to build capacity of these organizations to reach certain level of proficiency.

SRN works on providing a multi sector need assessment database and mapping humanitarian activities of their member organizations.

SRN advocates to its member organizations and promotes international humanitarian aid standards and principles.

Network Duties:

  1. Building a unified strategy for NGO’s regarding relief field.
  1. Coordinate efforts with the other organizations and associations working in the relief field.
  1. Building a database for each and every material and human damage that took place in Syria in order to provide a basis upon which can be used later for the distribution of subsidies and compensation to the affected and stricken areas.
  1. drawing a comprehensive map of the affected areas and develop a common perception of the distribution mechanisms of relief and humanitarian aid.
  1. Raise capability and proficiency of the working staff in the relief field.
  1. Defining the relief and humanitarian situation and to mobilize the Arab and international public opinion to support the relief and humanitarian efforts.
  1. Contribute a formulation of public policies and laws to support the relief and humanitarian efforts in Syria
  2. Forming a legal framework recognized by international relief organizations and institutional donors

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