An alert about malnutrition cases in Raqban camp

Al Raqban camp, July 18, 2016 | 65,000 IDPs

During the last 50 days, many cases of suspicious malnutrition accompanied with diarrhea have been witnessed among children under 11 y.o (especially under 5 y.o) in the camp of Raqban, on Jordan northeastern borders.

The affected children suffer from acute diarrhea accompanied with vomiting and feeding refusal, high fever was also reported. These symptoms continue with the same level of severity for 7-10 days, to be limited or deteriorate later. The response of chosen course was poor in most cases.

Abdominal enlargement was observed among more severe cases with edema in the feet, following the administration of Saline serum (according to local doctor).

No direct contact with any of medical personnel in the area, which led to lack of detailed medical history of these cases. There is only one doctor working independently. Here are statistics from local media officer in the area:

  • Total number of cases: 60 (mostly with acute diarrhea, occasionally with bloody mucus in the stool)
  • Referred cases: 1 into Jordan (no safe destination inside Syria to refer to)
  • Number of fatalities: 2

The chosen course of treatment is:

Oral rehydration formula, Kaolin-Pectin suspension, ondansetron syrup, NO antibiotics or malnutrition formula were given regularly.

Saline serums were administered to many cases without addition of any electrolytes solution. There is no proximal laboratory in perimeter of 200 km for tests or microscopic examination.

The poor availability and affordability of drugs narrows the scope of treatment choices, the price of 1 L saline serum has risen up to 16$, with loss of livelihoods for most of IDPs there.

There is a shortage in cross border water aids delivered to the camp (20-25 trucks per day). The second main water source is rills and streams with simple treatment methods, many people use

Alum powder for this purpose, gross contamination was caught in both water sources. Sanitation and sewage removal services are devastating.

Agencies which have previously accessed to the camp: UNDPA, UNICEF, WFP, ICRC.

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