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Why join the network:

Syria Relief Network is a group of civil associations and NGO’s operating in the relief field in Syria and neighboring countries that is licensed in accordance with the laws of the country of incorporation or under formation, and it took a name for itself and the name is a Syria Relief Network or non-governmental organizations for relief and humanitarian aid network in Syria.

The Syria Relief Network were founded to facilitate the work of non-governmental organizations in order to achieve an effective response to the pressing needs of the Syrian people.

The Network plans to build the reputation and credibility of the international humanitarian and local organizations, in order to be able to deliver the voice of its member organizations to the international community and inform them of the difficulty level of the aid deliverance to the Syrian people. It also aims to play a fundamental role in cooperation between its member organizations and representation of their goals and aspirations in front of the international community as well as it aims to define their activities and achievements.

One of the most important goals of the network is to raise its member organizations level through training workshops that aims to be implemented in order to raise the proficiency of the staffs of these organizations and achieve a global level of efficiency in providing of humanitarian aid.

The Network will give its member organizations rights to the use of the needs database (the database is under development) which contain information of the needs within and outside Syria, assorted according to the city, the province, the country, the type of aid.

The network work towards reinforce the commitment of its member organizations with the international standards to provide humanitarian aid and the member organizations are obliged to adhere these principles and standards.
Joining conditions:

  1. The Organization should be legally registered or under registration
  1. To provide a copy of its internal framework showing the structure of the Organization and the names of the Commissioners.
  1. The Organization should have at least 6 months or more from the date of the establishment and to prove that.
  1. That the organization will not be political, partisan or linked to the military.
  1. The Organization shall be either Syrian or founded by Syrians or in their equivalents.

After completing and sending the request, the committee will study the request and inform you of the results. Please complete all the required sections as much as possible.

In case of any queries, you can always contact with us on the following email:
How to join the network:

To send a membership request please register here, after the verification of your email you can fill the membership application (the membership application link is in the members list).