Syria Relief Network in Donor Conference in London


The conference was attended by Syria Relief Network  represented by Dr Samah Bassas the CEO of Syria Relief Network , Many of State delegations with many  bodies and international organization had participated in the conference. And we should mention that about 11 billion dollars is the sum of the grants provided by the Conference.

Below is speech by Dr Samah Bassas The CEO of SRN:

Excellences, ladies and gentlemen, First of all I would like to thank everybody who supported the people of Syrian through the last five years, especially all humanitarian organizations and UN agencies, who continue to push for the impossible. A special appreciation for our heroes the humanitarian workers inside Syria risking their lives every day to deliver the aid, relief and hope to the needed and prayers to whom lost their lives on duty . I am honored to be here representing the Syrian voice but it’s also a burden that I carry. The deterioration of humanitarian situation in Syria is overwhelming. There are so many needs to highlight: Should I talk about the suffering of more than 400,000 Syrians in besieged areas, where hunger is used as a weapon? Or about the 6.5 million displaced more than once, seeking a safe place that they can’t find anymore? Should I highlight the hospitals that are being attacked by air strikes at least once every three days? more than 650 health providers that have lost their lives saving others? How can I reflect our frustration as health professionals seeing hospitals going out of service and health workers fleeing because the situation is becoming so unbearable? Should I mention that more than 4000 schools have been attacked since the crisis started? And more than 2 million school aged children are out of school?? What about the 300,000 detained in ISIS and government prisons. Our children forced to grow up to support their families because they lost one or both parents in attacks on residential areas. Our girls and women forced into marriages and human trafficking. Our entire generation of children, youth, older people and women who were affected in this complex war. Hope has been diminishing and few choices left for the Syrians. Syrian people are a nation of pride. We work hard to own our houses; we study hard to earn our education. Our men are successful businessmen, our women are community leaders, our professionals are known globally for their achievements, our children are ambitious, and our elders are respected. Syria is the center of all civilization, Aleppo is the oldest city in history. Damascus is the oldest capital on earth. And sadly what we lost in this war was not only our homes, not only our jobs, not only our schools, not only our beloved, but we are losing our dignity as a proud nation. I am here to ask all of you to do your part to end this war and restore the dignity of the Syrian people, the dignity of the center of all civilization. We as humanitarian actors will not abandon the people of Syria and will keep our commitment to respond to the suffering wherever it is found. We will preserve as much dignity as we can by providing aid, running hospitals underground and surgeries on generators, protecting civilians from harm. We will not give up and we will count on you for support. However it will remain very fragile as long as the conflict continues and families are the ones on the frontlines paying the price of inaction. We need a collective pressure on all parties to the conflict to allow humanitarians to work safely and reach people in need and for civilians to move to safety and seek the services they need. Ultimately we need political action to end the conflict. We demand the humanity of all of you to use all of your powers and influence to end the suffering of my people. Enough is enough. Let me go home tonight and give hope to the Syrians that there will be a Syria to go home to one day soon.


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