((Syrian coordination platform ))

Syria Relief Network carried out in the Turkish city ( Gaziantep) launch of the “Syrian coordinating platform” conference which was attended by many of Syrian non-governmental organizations and officials from the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the United Nations’ OCHA.


Aims “Syrian coordinating platform” to activate harmony and complementarity in the work of humanitarian organizations and all humanitarian personnel matter within Syria through coordination meetings are held periodically between organizations within Syria


” Effective Coordinate …. Better Response” This slogan we decided to start the organization with the aim of effective coordination between humanitarian actors in Syrian affairs and harmony work to get to a better response to the needs of beneficiaries within Syria through access to as many as possible in a larger geographical area.


the platform Began the work with Its launch In northern Syria ” Aleppo and Idlib ” In addition to the expanded plan with Calendar plan to include all Syrian lands in the near future.


Syrian coordination platform Overview :


Syrian coordination platform is a field platform seeks to bring all Syrian organizations and humanitarian agencies working in Syrian issue, which will work to achieve humanitarian response to the Syrians affected with more efficient and effective and long and large impact .


Relief Syria network found through her coordinating career In humanitarian work and its effective communication with international community who is interested in humanitarian affairs of Syria on hand and with the Syrian organizations operating within Syrian lands on the other hand .


Humanitarian response to the needs of the Syrian population has been described as weak of the efficiency and effectiveness and it needs more coordination and cooperation between all actors.


That’s why SRN Carried out this Coordinating project which is considered the for all Syrian who works in Syrian humanitarian affairs which will be the link between these agencies and all regional coordination structures that seek to serve and meet the needs of the Syrians.

The platform start working in Idlib and Aleppo In northern Syria and it will include all Syrian organizations operating in the sectors (water and environmental sanitation, shelter and non-food items, protection, education) Where will be the formation of specialized working groups in these four sectors in each geographical area ( of the project), and the jop of the working groups is the coordination between all actors and to identify the basic criteria, Apply it and give operational vision for all humanitarian operations and reporting info graphics  that simulate reality.



The platform seeks to achieve its aim through:

Increase the number of beneficiaries.

Fill in the gaps in the response operations

Reduce the Duplicates and complications

Increased support opportunities

Rapid response to emergencies.

Needs assessment and setting priorities.


Transparency and accountability

The development of strategies and framework



SRN is considered the supervisor and the support for this platform through the provision of all coordination and references to organizations tools for Organizations and associations working in the Syrian home and raise their capabilities to apply the global concepts in humanitarian work and SRN will provide the necessary communication channels to advocate on important issues agreed upon by the participants



The importance of this platform is being the first Syrian project of this kind which will share its outputs with decision-makers which the Syrian actors (working on the ground ) will be the main source of all the issues and information from the of the Syrian society and its needs


The platform coordinating output comes According to its plan  in nine key elements:


Find ways for humanitarian action in accordance with the concepts and international standards.

Mapping of humanitarian action in Syria.

A monthly periodical bulletin.

Strengthen cooperation between the Syrian organizations.

Develop the capacity of Syrian organizations and Especially the local one.

Identify important issues and advocacy.

Participate in the global decision-making regarding the humanitarian issue in Syria.

Finding common solutions To the problems of the current humanitarian action in Syria.

Faster response to emergencies.