Workshop || Empowering workers in the civilian capabilities of local councils ||

Coordination and communication with the local civil authorities is necessary to get the best services to beneficiaries in humanitarian crises, Empowering local councils and lifting capacity of employees of the main objectives pursued by Syrian engineers for construction and development, and from this IOM workshop over three days of “30-8” and “1-9-2016” attended by representatives from local councils and water units in the Dana city and talaadh, telkaramah village, and a number of civil actors in zones listed
The workshop included an introduction to the Syrian engineers and the work of construction and development projects, and an explanation of the work of the organizations and intervention times, plus extensive lectures on water and sanitation projects, and ways and methods of water purification and conservation.
During the workshop, speakers also addressed the topic “collection” methods and ways, and have given several examples and practical exercises and sale tax collection methods appropriate and ethical and moral characteristics of the collector.